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The CV Group was created in response to the need to offer a comprehensive range of services in security, protection and fire protection, electricity, training and security to its clients, on behalf of the companies that comprise it. Supported by a team of more than 450 people, it is trained to respond to the most demanding challenges, using a work system in which quality and excellent service are our main aims.

CV Installations provides services in two business divisions: fire protection (FP) (sprinklers, hydrants, fire hydrants, gas extinguishers, detection, smoke control, etc. ...), and industrial power systems (Electrical panels, CCM, control, automation, distribution, etc. ...); with a special emphasis on its production and engineering departments.

CV Security is a security company dedicated to the installation and maintenance of electronic security systems (alarm systems, perimeter protection, video surveillance systems, access control and on-site protection), which offers customized security solutions, with DGS 4437.

Vigipres provides on-site surveillance services approved by the General Security Directorate with number 3528. It offers security guards, rural surveillance and for game reserves, surveillance rounds and ‘response and custody´. It also has an administrative support service for the hunting grounds of Castilla-La Mancha.

Fergos training, which specializes in private security, fire fighting, emergencies and risk prevention, has unique facilities in the region for practical training: 10,000 m2 extinguishing field, smoke labyrinth, equipment to force open vehicles in traffic accidents, indoor fires, etc., within a safe environment that supports the achievement of the practical objectives of the courses.

Secu85 performs alarm reception services (A.R.S) and has more than 30 years experience (D.G.S. No. 728). Secu85 provides s 24 hours a day / 365 days a year service. In addition, it meets the UNE-EN-9001 quality seal and complies with the EN-54 (UNE 23007) standard to provide a connection service to fire-fighting systems.

DISLABOR (C.E.E.) is a special employment center whose purpose is to promote the working integration of people with diverse roles. Among the services offered are: Handlers, gardeners, administrative assistants, cleaning personnel, operators, etc....

Seicon, is a company dedicated to auxiliary services, janitors, control center operators and cleaning personnel. Classified with the RAC (Registry of Accredited Companies) No. 07-13-0018518.



The headquarters located in Tomelloso, has 40 000m2 of facilities equipped with modern equipment and technical resources.

This means that we are the security company group who provide the most comprehensive solutions in this sector.

In recent years, we have undertaken an ambitious corporate expansion plan, leading to the creation of branches in Leganés, Salamanca, Tarancón, Alcalá de Henares, Valencia, Logroño and Talavera de La Reina.

In addition, at the international level, CV has offices and companies in Chile and South Africa.


In March 2013 we carried out the implementation and consolidation of CV Installations in South Africa, to meet the demand of our clients from Spain who had moved to South Africa to carry out large photovoltaic and thermosolar plants due, to the high demand for these types of industries in the south of the African continent.

CV Chile Spa. A subsidiary company of CV Group Spain, which started as a company dedicated to fire protection systems. This subsidiary seeks comprehensive ways to safeguard lives, protect assets and places where people carry out their work activities..


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