The CV Group Has a New Monitoring Centre

From this December, the CV Group has acquired a new company with an Alarm Switchboard Center (ASC): SECU 85 thanks to the purchase of 100% of its shares. The incorporation of this company to the group´s rank is part of our growth and expansion strategy, in order to offer our clients a wider variety of services in the field of comprehensive security.

Secu85 performs alarm reception services (ARS) and has more than 30 years experience (D.G.S. No. 728). It provides 24 hours a day / 365 days a year service. In addition, it meets the UNE-EN-9001 quality seal and complies with the EN-54 (UNE 23007) standard to provide a connection service to fire-fighting systems.

In this way, all the services that the CV Group can offer are as follows:

  1. Fire protection facilities.
  2. Security facilities.
  3. Special Employment Center.
  4. Alarm Switchboard Centre (ASC)
  5. Industrial cleaning.
  6. Concierge service.
  7. Specific and Regulated Practical Training
  8. Hunting services.
  9. On-site surveillance (Rounds, response and custody, etc.)
  10. Industrial electrical facilities
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