The CV Group Attended Fercam 2019 Together with Asaja

Last weekend (from July 3rd to 7th) the 59th edition of FERCAM (the National Countryside Trade Fair) took place in Manzanares, to which a large number of professionals from the agricultural world flocked, as they do every year, to offer their news and services to all the attendees.

This year, for the first time, the CV group in collaboration with ASAJA, had a presence at said fair as an exhibitor, with two of its companies: CV Security and Vigipres, which offer services directly related to the countryside.
CV Security offers a wide range of video surveillance and detection solutions for any type of surface, and to protect any type of land or farm. Thus, giving greater peace of mind to the owner who will be able to have a 24/7 surveillance and / or alarm system for 365 days a year (whether or not they have a power supply.)

In addition, Vigipres offers on-site surveillance services, patrols, alarm response- custody services to private farms, municipal areas of town halls and hunting grounds, among others. All places, which today need substantial security systems so they can operate correctly.

Many individuals and visitors from far and wide passed by the stand, and were able to chat with the team present there and thus discover first-hand all the solutions in protection, security and services that we offer.

As is customary after a break-in, the integrity of the security system has been reviewed and verified, and does not appear to have suffered any damage or deterioration.

Once again, the joint and perfectly synchronized work of several of the CV Group companies (Engineering-Installation / On-site Maintenance-Surveillance) , always in close partnership with the Police and the Civil Guard, has borne fruit, highlighting the importance of having security systems in homes, industries and businesses.

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