Vigipres Has Maintained a Zero Theft Record for Companies Associated With ‘Asocreva’ During the Last 18 Months

As reported by the La Reva Entrepreneurs ´ Association itself, the number of robberies of associated companies which enjoy this service, has remained at zero during the last 18 months.

The on-site surveillance service, provided by Vigipres for the associates of ASOCREVA (Ribarroja del Turia - Valencia), continues to maintain and demonstrate its effectiveness, by keeping thefts in companies at zero during 2019 and in 2020 until now.

In the first half of 2020, Vigipres has carried out a total of 796 preventive interventions to guarantee the safety of the area. The alarm systems have halted most of these situations, the majority of which have not led to further incidence. The reason for this is because the response time of the security guards is usually less than 5 minutes after receiving the warning.


Only on 74 occasions have Vigipres security guards detected situations such as lights on and doors open outside working hours, following correct procedure at all times, as it should, to tackle the situation.

On only 3 occasions has direct contact with the State Security Forces and Bodies been necessary, in the case of the Civil Guard or Local Police, after the identification of suspicious activities such as the presence of vehicles or people, who have not been able to adequately justify the reasons for their presence in the business area. This is one of the most common deterrents in order to avoid intrusions in companies.

It should be noted that the service which Vigipres offers to the businesses of ASOCREVA has not been impaired during the current crisis caused by Covid-19, maintaining the same number of properly equipped guards, carrying out the corresponding tasks and patrols 24 hours a day . A service that offers immediate and unlimited attention 365 days a year.

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