24h Help Services

At the CV group we are trying to do everything in our power to help in this crisis caused by COVID-19. That is why we have put ourselves to work and put at Master Claudiu Mihaila´s disposal the means that we have available, so he may continue doing the immeasurable work that he is doing, helping those who need it most. Among other things, he will use one of our vehicles for this purpose.


If you find yourself in an adverse situation, or you know someone who is, or you even suspect that someone may need help, but does not want to ask for it, you can contact Claudiu Mihaila (Master and World Champion in various Tai Chi disciplines) who, in addition to distributing food, can perform relaxation sessions to combat episodes of anxiety, amongst other things.


At the EZSF WULANG INTERNATIONAL Martial Arts Club they are trying to help with everything they can, and offer (among others) the following Services:

  • RShopping for elderly people or people with reduced mobility.
  • Take people to Hospitals or Health Centers (in the event that the health services cannot do so)
  • Collection of food and donations to buy food and distribute it among those who need it.
  • Online Meditation Classes
  • Online workshops
  • Online Physiotherapy Services for Strengthening.


With regards to all of this, you can contact Claudiu directly in the following ways:

Phone: 671810275

eMail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.




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