The CV Group and The Red Cross Collaborate Against Covid-19

This week a collaborative agreement was signed between the two entities, in order to distribute food among the people whom the Red Cross has included in its welfare programs.


This has been the main premise that has moved the CV Group and the Red Cross to join forces to try to help as many people as possible on a local level:

"Given the current crisis derived from COVID 19 throughout the national territory, and especially in the town of Tomelloso, both the Spanish Red Cross and the CV Group limited, agree on the need to join forces to alleviate its effects and be able to help the people most in need in these times."

b56f8ea6 c612 40a7 93ed fbbd64900425On the other hand, both parties also agree that this agreement will be the beginning of other types of partnerships, to be developed in the future between both entities n order to achieve their respective aims and common interests. They have agreed on the coordination and definition of a framework of joint collaboration, which facilitates job prospects of people who have fewer employment opportunities.

We want to thank ,once again, the work of our friend, teacher Claudiu Mihaila who is in charge of driving the vehicle that we have provided for this partnership.



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