The Senior Management of the CV Group Attended the XXIV National Congress for Family Enterprises, Inaugurated by King Felipe Vi

The conference took place on the 24th, 25th and 26th of October in the Baluarte Congress Centre and Auditorium of Navarra, and more than 500 ´family entrepreneurs´ from all over Spain gathered there.  

Tomelloso, 28th of October 2021. – The group of family- owned companies on a national level, which is composed of more than 500 people from all over Spain, gathered in Pamplona over the past 24th, 25th and 26th, on the occasion of the XXIV National Congress of Family Enterprises, under the title ´We work towards a better society´.

Once a year, all the regional associations meet in the congress, in order to relay their concerns to the political class, address questions regarding the present and the future (sustainability and impact) which concern the group of different family associations.   

The CV Group had the pleasure of attending the event with its main representatives, and interesting presentations with first-rate participants. During the congress, the same level playing field as their European competitors, has been requested for Spanish companies. In addition, the removal of restrictions has also been requested, so that family-owned companies can grow.

The congress was inaugurated by His Majesty King Felipe VI. In addition, during the congress a manifesto was signed by the President of the Institute of Family Enterprises, Marc Puig, as well as each of the Presidents of the 18 regional associations, including that of Castilla la Mancha, Juan Ignacio de Mesa Ruiz, which defends ethical and long-term investments.

Institute of Family- Owned CompaniesThe Institute of Family Enterprises encompasses family enterprises in Spain in their totality.  

“Family Enterprises are the roots and the core of our economy, guaranteeing the stability, development and well-being of the state”.

In Spain, 90% of private companies are family owned and they generate almost 70% of private- sector employment.



César y Gonzalo Plaza con Felipe VI

César Plaza and Gonzalo Plaza in the congress together with His Majesty King Felipe VI.

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