The CV Group Will Take Part in The First International Maintenance Trade Fair Expofimer 2021

It will take place on the 15th and 16th of December 2021 at the ´Zaragoza Fair' and the CV Group will participate in the trade fair organised by the Association of Maintenance and Renewable Energy companies (AEMER).


CV Security will be the flagship company of the CV Group in this first European event, in which the main focus will be on the maintenance and operation of renewable energies. CV Security currently carries out the maintenance for security systems in more than 170 photovoltaic plants with an average power of 1 GW, throughout the Iberian Peninsula.

Amongst its client portfolio, CV Security has important clients within the photovoltaic world, ranging from investment funds (Asset Manager) to homeowners or small business owners.

The CV Group stand will also feature other companies from the group, such as SECU85 (Central Receiver Station of the same) where they will promote the new systems and projects which they are working on.


The organization:

EXPOFIMER is jointly organized by Zaragoza Fair and AEMER, the Association of Maintenance and Renewable Energy Companies. AEMER was born in 2014 in order to homogenize and combine the experience and knowledge of companies specializing in this field. Spain already has more than 70,000 renewable facilities for which maintenance is a key factor in order to maintain the economic viability of projects.


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